Pagan Chat

An IRC chat server for the Witches.

What We Do

We provide IRC chat services for the Pagan community. IRC is an older, very stable, very reliable, text based chat system. IRC allows thousands of people to connect, participate, create, and manage chat rooms. IRC chat works on cell phones, desktops, and tablets, and it is compatible with a diverse array of client software and apps that allow you to connect anytime, anywhere.

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Android doesn't limit background data, so you can stay connected as long as you like with webchat or IRC apps.

Apple iPhone

In the case of iOS 13 and greater, background data is turned off if non-Apple apps are out of focus, so heads up!


Pagan Chat has a webchat client that works on any platform. Click here to use it. Alternatively you can download a IRC app to connect to the chat server.

If you decide to use an IRC client to chat with, you'll want to add server irc.Pagan.Chat and join room #Welcome if you're new to IRC and need some help. Below are a few common commands for IRC.

Type this To do this
/join #Foo Joins chat room #Foo
/part #Foo Leave chat room #Foo
/list Gets a list of all chat rooms
/nick Claire Change your nickname to Claire
/msg Allison Hi there, how are you? Sends a private message to Allison that says Hi there, how are you?

You can register your nickname with the bot Nickserv so that nobody else can use it, and you can register (create) a chat room that you own and manage with the bot Chanserv. Below are a few more bots that can be helpful.

Bot's name Bot's job
Nickserv Helps you register your nickname.
Chanserv Helps you create and manage a chat room.
Botserv More refined helper for a chat room you create.
Memoserv Helps you send messages to others for later reading.